HardTied Pictures

hardtied pictures

The room Cherie DeVille is in is full of tools but none of them are within her reach. If they were maybe she would stand a chance at getting away from the chain that keeps her neck firmly attached to the ceiling. As it is she has to just watch PD work and wonder what is coming next. It doesn’t take her long to find out. He walks over to her without saying a word and begins to bind her arms with rope. She complains, of course, and hurls insults to convince herself she is still defiant, but her terror is obvious. When he gags her and bags her all she can do is scream. That pretty little dress of her won’t survive the day. In PD’s mind a woman should only be covered by ropes and bruises. The ties PD does don’t just keep Cherie from running. They are also designed to push her into the perfect positions for punishment. They keep her ass and tits high and firm so he can use them for target practice. They keep her head tied back so she can practice sucking cock. And the rope leaves her vulnerable in other ways. It opens up her holes and exposes them so that PD can violate her with ass hooks, vibrators, and every dildo he can find. Her humiliation would not be complete with being made to cum after experiencing so much degradation.

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